Traveling Belize Alone

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Traveling Belize Alone | A Map to Anywhere

The first view of Caye Caulker

Traveling Belize Alone

I travel alone A LOT. It’s easy, it’s fun and I can do exactly what I want, when I want.

That being said, most people probably wouldn’t think traveling Belize alone as a good option. Belize is a romantic destination and fairly laid back. It’s not the easiest for meeting other travelers. That’s why I’m only going for a few days as an end to my two weeks across Guatemala and Belize.

I’ll let you know how it is a solo destination…

Getting In

I crossed the border from Guatemala this morning. There were no fees, no questions and no baggage checks.

This was a good intro to Belize. It’s the attitude of entire country.

I’m staying for four amazing nights on the island of Caye Caulker.

There is nothing to do here besides snorkel, drink and lay on the beach. It’s really nice but also, a little quiet.

I know when I go home to my new job I will need to be ready to really work hard for a while.  After the last year, I feel like I need to catch my breath for a while.  Four days in the sun and the water should help.

Why Belize is Impossibly Easy to Travel

Belize is perfect for first time travelers because everyone speaks English, the currency is easy to figure out and there are well-worn tourist paths all over the country already.

For something really, really chill. Try Caye Caulker.

Caye Caulker

This is the main drag on Caye Caulker. This island is tiny. It takes 20 minutes to walk across. There are 3 main streets that all run parallel; Front Street, Middle Street and Back Street. I’m staying on Back Street. It’s quiet. Front street is the touristy area. Middle street is a mixture. You can’t really cruise it though because there are no cars here, just golf carts and bicycles.

Luckily, if I get too tired a piña colada is only a few steps away.

traveling Belize aloneLazy Days at Under $100

This is the view from my AirBnB. I totally blew my $50/day budget and booked this place for the last 3 nights but I’m still spending under $100/day. It’s incredible! It’s clean, quiet, has its own kitchen and a huge bathroom; there’s even hot showers!

Best of all, I can lay in bed and look out at the ocean… Or I can go down to the Lazy Lizard every afternoon and hang out with all the other backpackers.  It’s a great little bar on the edge of the island and is really fun for a few drinks and watching the sunset.

traveling Belize as a girl alone

Simple Life

Basically, that is life in Belize.

I get up, read, go to the beach around noon for whatever they caught and do whatever I want until sunset when I go to the Lazy Lizard.  It’s weird for me since my travels are usually so busy but it’s really nice for a change.

I honestly think that’s what Belize is most geared towards anyway.  This island is two miles long and even on the mainland, I don’t think there’s a big pull to try to do too much at once. The surprising thing is, I still met people here and made friends…

Even with that boring schedule!

Still, I Made Friends

Even though Belize is laid back, and I didn’t do any group excursion here, I still made friends and had an awesome time.

True, I had to work more for it. I had to strike up conversations and make small talk, (which I HATE!) to break the ice.

But Belize was awesome! It was a welcome break and I met some really cool people who I still keep in touch with as this article is being updated (2018).

No, traveling Belize alone is not for everyone but it is great if you want some down time in a beautiful place.e

traveling Belize alone


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