The Moulin Rouge

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The Moulin Rouge | A Map to Anywhere

the moulin rouge in ParisThe Moulin Rouge Cabaret, Paris

If you love the movie Moulin Rouge, then don't miss the Moulin Rouge cabaret show in Paris. 

Check here for tickets. 

If nothing else, just so you can say you’re going to waste your time in Paris at the Moulin Rouge with a can-can dancer.

This was one of my must-do’s while in Paris.  At the time, I was fairly broke and traveling around Europe on $75 a day so it was a big spluge.

As you might imagine, this is not a cheap event, tickets run around $100, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime night out on the city at a cabaret.

Let me begin by saying, the actual theatre is very small and none of the dancers live in a bedroom shaped like an elephant. That may seem obvious for some, but I think it's best to avoid disappointment from the start. 

At the Moulin Rouge

First off, it's held in the Red Light district which adds a bit of drama to the whole event. You arrive and there's red carpet and velvet curtains and everyone is dressed up. For me, it felt festive and exciting. 

You can choose to do just the show or have dinner as well. Both me and my friend Mylie were being very frugal so we just did the show, but looking back on it, I'm like, c'mon, just spend the money and make it a whole evening!

Anyway, that's my unsolicited advice. 

The show is more than your typical cabaret, it borders on bawdy and acrobatic while being completely fun and entertaining. There are a lot of boobs in it so if you are offended by that sort of things you may want to steer clear. They were wearing pasties, but I mean, it's a show in the Red Light District so you kind of need to expect it. 

I would suggest that you go early and explore the neighborhood of the theatre.  

Being Paris, there are always great places to eat if you are in the mood for something other than the cabaret dinner and a nice glass of champagne is a great way to start the night. 

Just don't forget to watch the movie once before you leave home, just to get yourself physched up for the event! 


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