The In-Between Times

October 27, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

The In-Between Times | A Map to Anywhere

Neither Here Nor There

I’m out of Norway and in-between new plans! I left just ahead of my tourist visa deadline and landed in Ireland early last week.

I chose to go to Ireland because when life gets me down, that’s generally where I want to be.

What better way to cope with having to leave unexpectedly than being in one of the friendliest countries whose citizens really shine when it comes to drinking, cursing, and dancing?

And while my location is Ireland, my place in life is in an in-between place.

You know that saying, “Out of the frying pan and into the fire”? I’m on the journey between the two. That space in time where you’re not sure where you’ll land but everything’s changing.


The streets of Galway.


I’m in the gap of figuring out where I’ll live for the next few months.

Karl and I are hoping to see each other once a month for a while. And to do that, I’ll need to be close to Norway, but outside the Schengen countries. This will most likely start with a stay in Croatia, but first, I need to go home to Montana for a few days.

Because I have to work a lot more now than I did before, travel is slower. I’ll choose a city, get an AirBnB apartment for a few weeks and keep busy. I’m highly prioritizing those locations that have good food nearby.

I’m in the gap of long distance dating.

You know that place where you’re used to seeing someone every day and then suddenly having to settle for a connection with a phone instead?

That place where you start doing things at weird times because you can and no one is around to make sure your behavior applies to some social norms.

That’s my place right now, at least for the next three months.

I’m in the gap of waiting for the antibiotics to kick in.

As you might expect, after dragging around the world like a ragdoll, I have also found myself in the gap between full-blown sickness and health where I have a variety of vague issues that were moderate enough for me to avoid the doctor for a full month.

I was just gonna John Wayne my way through it but by the time I arrived in Galway, my vague symptoms had become severe enough that I put down my bags and headed to the doctor’s office. Once there, when I described my predicament and the recent places I’ve been, the doctor simply replied, “Can you wee in a cup?”

So I did and then spent some cozy days in the room above the coffee shop where I’m staying, waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. It was like a small hibernation which I only came out of to get bagels and coffee.


in between


I’m in the Gap of Needing an Entirely New Wardrobe That Fits in a Backpack

And I’m that ragged edge gap that comes around about a year after you’ve left your job and been wandering the globe, figuring out how to live a life outside the norm. I realized I was in that gap when I opened my backpack when I arrived in Galway.

I looked down and saw the contents of my backpack had become ragged and worn, everything from leggings to shampoo needs to be replaced.

It will take some time for all these in between things to get sorted, but maybe, maybe one of these days you’ll look at this blog and I’ll have a fabulous new wardrobe, sparkling health, a normal relationship, and home base somewhere in the world.

Just maybe…


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