The Best Haircare Products to Pack in a Carry-on

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The Best Haircare Products to Pack in a Carry-on | A Map to Anywhere

Best Products for Your Carry-On Allwance

When you only travel with a carry-on, a lot of things get left by wayside. Such as gigantic bottles of shampoo and conditioner, sprays, creams, and full-sized combs and brushes. Anything over 3 ounces is denied! However, these are the products I have found that are the best hair care products to pack in a carry-on.

Not for faint-hearted hair

I don’t have submissive hair. It’s not the sweet, “I’m here to flatter you” type of hair that I have always dreamed of. In fact, rather than being a sweet, agreeable partner in life, it’s a bit more like waking up with an angry feminist on my head every morning that has to be subdued into being socially tolerant each day.


Because my opinionated, forceful hair doesn’t want to succumb to society’s vision of acceptable, feminine hair.

However, with the right amount coaxing and little bit of friendly product, we manage to get through the day.

The coaxing comes in the form of these products. I am not sponsored by any of these, but they stick to a few brands because I know these work really, really well and last a long time. I wouldn’t sacrifice space in my backpack if they didn’t.

So, here are my tried-and-tested, holy grail, of the best hair care products to pack in a carry-on.

If you’d like a full packing list, click here.

The best hair care products to pack in a carry-on:

1. Shampoo Bars

These are shampoo but in hard soap form. You’d think they’d be drying and not very foamy, but that’s not the case. These are awesome! You get your hair wet, run through from the root to the tip several times and then work into a lather (which happens really fast).

They are good for your hair and also last me for several months! And I have pretty long hair.

Plus the scents are so good! I used Goddess the first time I traveled to South America and to this day, the scent still reminds me of that trip.

Here is the link to the case as well.

2. Leave-in Conditioner

My hair normally needs a lot of conditioner to be brushable after a shower. This leave-in conditioner makes it easy to get a comb through.

It’s expensive, but a tub of it lasted me for six months! You only need a tiny amount to work. Plus, it’s under 3 ounces so you can bring it with.

This is by far the best conditioner I’ve found for travel.


3. Dry Shampoo

hair products for your carry onI don’t how I got by before dry shampoo became a thing. This is the best for when you get off a long flight and go straight to sight-seeing. A little bit goes a very long way and it leaves your hair looking clean, rather than travel-worn and exhausted.

I have brought this on every international trip I have gone on since I discovered it in 2014 and in that time, I have only used two of the small, carry-on sized bottles.

This is awesome stuff! Plus, it doesn’t take up any of the space you need for liquids!

4. Travel Blow-dryer

When you are traveling, you will need a dual-voltage hair dryer. True, in hostels you can often pay to rent one for a few days, but if I did that every time I stayed in a hostel, this dryer would have paid for itself 10 times over.

Plus, the dryers they carry in hostels are usually the cheapest on the market and are not very good for your hair.

This one I’ve had for four years and it works great. The handle collapses too so it folds up very compactly in my backpack.


5. Sock Bun

These are absolutely magic for making it look like you attempted to fix your hair but didn’t. I use mine to curl my hair overnight, on planes and in humid climates. Just put your hair up in a sock bun when it’s still slightly damp from the shower and you will wake up with flowy curls.

For most of us, travel is a busy time and the last thing I want to do is spent time styling and taming my hair. These do a great job with minimal effort and take up next to no space.

I’m linking ones with a mixture of sizes so you find what works for you.

For a tutorial click here.

5. Travel Straightener

If all else fails, go for the straightener. This heats up incredibly fast and is very small. I use it mostly for my bangs but occasionally if I’m going out I’ll do straightener curls with it too.

This tends to be the thing most girls in a hostel dorm room want to borrow and then they ask me, “Where did you get that?!”

“Amazon.” Along with everything else…But seriously, it’s the best one out there.


Plan B

I’ll be honest with you, in travel your hair goes through hell.  If my list of the best hair care products to pack in a carry-on doesn’t work, I resort to desperate measures.

There will be times none of these products, prayers or even a wig will save you. In that case, it’s best to prepare for the inevitable bad hair day.

This is the ultimate arsenal for Plan B.

hair care for your carry-on hair care in your carry-on Hair care products for your carry-on

What do you think? Has anyone out there found a great travel hairspray?

Best Products for Your Carry-on

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