If I can go anywhere, I want to go to Ireland.

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If I can go anywhere, I want to go to Ireland. | A Map to Anywhere


What would you do if you could go anywhere in the world?

Where would you go?

I am in the extremely fortunate and somewhat perplexing position where that was the question I had to ask myself.

You see, no matter which way I fly back to the US from Thailand, it’s a long way. It doesn’t make much of a difference if I go back over the Atlantic or the Pacific, I’m in for a long haul.

I also have about a month before I need to be home, so why not enjoy the journey?

The question is, journey to where?

I have enough airline miles to go to a major city.

I have enough money to live cheaply through March.

So where do I go?

Well, the answer I came up with surprised me, especially because it’s a departure from the beautiful weather I’ve been enjoying, but the main things I wanted in this lag of the journey were dancing, writing and art.


You see, I’ve been dancing to all the beatless, flowy music I can stand. I will explode if I don’t find some music with a beat and some soul. After all this stillness, it’s time to invite some joy into the picture. And to me, dancing is pure joy.

I can’t do any more tepid tunes. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by lukewarm synthesized sounds when your soul wants to sing.

Those of you who know me, know I can rarely resist the temptation to dance when a good song comes on right now, I need a good song. I want something with fire and passion, something that I can sing.

And a fiddle? Oh yeah, I’d kill for a song with one.

Maybe a long walk down a muddy road? Yeah, I want that too.

Where could I go where the music hits every note from the lowest sorrow to the highest joy? Somewhere with a sense of fun? Somewhere with a spirit to match my own?

There is only one answer.


I’m going to Ireland with the intention to dance.  And write. And see and make art.

I’m so excited!

Departure from Thailand

After leaving the tropical paradise of Thailand, I had a mere 3 flights to get to Ireland.

2 hours

14 hours

1 hour

Give or take…

But once I arrived in Ireland, I felt better, even thought he lady at immigration gave me the run-down.

“What are you doing in Ireland?”

“Traveling around for a few weeks.”



“Where did you come from?”


“How long were you there?”

“Um, five weeks?”


I can see her right eyebrow raise a little more with each answer. I know I look weird.

“Here comes the cavity search.” I think.

Instead she just slammed down the stamp on my passport. I was in!

Galway girl

Then I boarded a bus to Galway.


Cause I wanted out of Dublin. To me, Ireland isn’t about the cities and Galway seemed like less of a city.

Once I got off the bus, I realized I was starving for the first time in weeks. Although I hadn’t eaten meat for a long time, the only thing I wanted was a cheeseburger… I am my father’s daughter.

So, I stopped at a bar, because what else do you do in Ireland?

“What can I get ya luv?” asks the bartender.

That accent is so charming.

“Cheers.” he says as he sets the beer on the counter.

The next thing I know the bartender and the waitress are directing me where to travel based on where John Wayne and Katherine O’Hara filmed The Quiet Man.

These are my people.

This is exactly where I want to be.


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