Riad Renovation in Morocco | A Map to Anywhere

Riad Renovation in Morocco

December 20, 2017 2 min read

Sometimes, when traveling, I find myself in unexpected places. One day in Morocco, Marybeth and I ended up at construction site. It had begun at our riad that morning. The owner had introduced himself, then proceeded to plan our day for us and insist on activities he found most fitting. These mostly included spending the…

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Llama Fetuses at the Shamans Market in Bolivia | A Map to Anywhere

Llama Fetuses at the Shamans Market in Bolivia

May 05, 2016 3 min read

The Shamans Market in Bolivia What do llama fetuses and construction have in common? More than you would think at the Shamans Market in Bolivia. Even though the majority of the population is catholic, most people still practice the old, pagan rituals. This includes giving an offering to Pachamama, the Earth goddess, before building a…

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