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Shanghai! | A Map to Anywhere

Shanghai is going to be an amazing part of my travels because I will be staying with my friend Mylie’s family while I’m there.  Mylie and I met when I rented a room in her house outside Portland and we’ve been friends ever since.  It’s going to be so cool to see Shanghai with a local.

My first night here we met with a friend of Mylie’s for dinner.  First impressions are that Chinese food is better, fresher and less greasy in China than the US.  Also, I don’t know why we don’t do dumplings like they do.

Shanghai is a mind-blowing city.  It has grown so much over the past 20 years that the skyline is unrecognizable.

It’s now got the juxtaposition of being a world-class city with old parts of town still developing.

As far as my time in Shanghai, I expected it to be busy and crowded.  It was along the Bund which is the river walk, but other than that, it was a fairly calm city.  There was a little bit of everything here just like any global city, industry, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, oh, and free wifi city-wide.

He is so cute!

Shopping at night in Shanghai.

The emphasis on cute and girly shops here is really fun for a change.

In the US, fashion always seems to aim for sexy but in China, they go for cuteness. Sexy is seen as intimidating. Because of that, you see a lot more ruffles and bows on women’s clothes as well as really awesome things like this makeup store which encourages you to find your inner princess and had a Cinderella carriage inside. It seems a bit out of place alongside anti-aging creams but it was also the most fun makeup shopping ever.

Me, beside myself at the prospect of getting a makeover in Cinderella’s carriage.

Shanghai has great nightlife and weird mix that you only see in China.  There are the endless selfies on the rooftop bars, in nightclub bathrooms and everywhere else you can imagine.

Men’s fashion made a statement unlike I had seen before.

We went out to one night club where there was table service, go-go dancers in cages and the most eclectic group of people on the dance floor that I had ever seen.  There were polo-wearing middle-aged business men, young hippie girls, fabulous girls in tiny dresses, the guy above in the lamb sweat suit and of course, the guys who wear sunglasses indoors.  I hadn’t expected to be there that night so I was in jeans and a tank top and fit in as well as anywhere.

Shanghai was incredible.  The massive amount of change that China has undergone is shocking and they are developing at a mind-boggling pace.  As an example, one night we were shopping and Mylie and her sister did not want to go to a mall because it was old, by old, it was 3 years old.

This city was incredible.

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