Morocco in 2 Minutes

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Morocco in 2 Minutes | A Map to Anywhere

Morocco in 2 minutes

Ever wanted to go to Morocco? You should! It’s incredible and one of my favorite places I’ve been.

Here is a quick video glimpse of what it’s like to travel Morocco in 2 Minutes!

Morocco in 2 Minutes

If you want the perfect itinerary, click here.

This video covers the sights and sounds of a two-week tour through Morocco covering Essourira, Marrakesh, Fez, Chefchaouen and many other locations in between!

What it’s like to travel Morocco

Morocco is a frequent destination for Europeans, but is just starting to be more popular for Americans. It’s distinctly exotic and intensely beautiful. I have never seen such opulent homes and temples as I saw in Morocco.

It truly is an amazing destination.

To prepare yourself, remember you are entering into a very different culture. Although Moroccans are used to tourists and have famous hospitality, don’t expect them to interpret our cultural norms such as what we wear and how women are perceived in society to be the same.

Be respectful, dress more conservatively than normal, and you’ll find it’s an extremely warm and inviting place.

What it’s like to travel as a girl in Morocco

Tips #1 – Be assertive and be safe

Tip #2 – Visit a Hammam ( This part is just fun if you happen to be a girl in Morocco)

I will be honest with you, I had no issues with Moroccan men outside of some inappropriate catcalling on the street. I did, however, hear from other girls who felt that the men were bit too aggressive and they had things happen like inappropriate touching that the man would pretend to be accidental.

Because of this, I suggest you go to Morocco with a friend just because we tend to feel safer in groups. Don’t take flirtation as lightly as you would at home, it’s not exactly the custom there. And if anyone ever crosses the line, be firm and demand the behavior be stopped immediately.

Also, don’t do what we did and try to find your hostel on your own. Here’s why. 

The Moroccans I met were extremely kind and caring, but I know this can happen.

Still, it won’t ruin your trip. Morocco is shockingly beautiful and fun. Just prepare yourself.

Leave Extra Room in Your Suitcase

Shopping in Morocco is a religious experience. It’s so crazed and fun and hectic! It was the one place I went where I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. If you have boho style, like old rugs and leather goods, leave extra room in your suitcase or be prepared to buy one there for all the awesome stuff you’ll want to bring home.

Also, if you want to read more on haggling for the best prices, click here.

Plan a Night in the Desert

If you can make time to go out to the edge of the Sahara, do it! There’s nothing like climbing up a giant sand dune first thing in the morning. It is very touristy, but also, very awesome.

You can read more about it here.

Go to Morocco!

Lastly, if Morocco is on your list, just go! You’ll be so happy you did! It’s a beautiful country with great scenery and lots to do.


Morocco 2 Minutes


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