20,000 Miles in One Trip – Santiago – Patagonia – Easter Island

January 21, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

20,000 Miles in One Trip – Santiago – Patagonia – Easter Island | A Map to Anywhere

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20,000 Miles in One Trip

I always think there is a pretty distinct difference between a vacation and a trip. 20,000 miles in one trip, is a trip.

A vacation, I imagine, is when a sensible person who wants to relax rents a place on the beach, gets a tan and sips cocktails laced with coconut milk – I think my parents took one these to Hawaii last year.

A trip on the other hand, involves overland travel, sometimes questionable accommodations and close calls with food poisoning but on the bright side, often a up close view of something far outside our ordinary experiences.

I seem to take trips but I’d like to think maybe some day I’ll mature into taking vacations as well.

A Trip to Top All Other Trips Before It

This trip to Chile is a trip to top and all trips. It’s a short two weeks but according to this map I’ll be traveling around 20,000 miles in one trip.

Oh god….

If you want to see both Patagonia and Easter Island in one trip, this is what it’s gonna take.

The thing is, you can’t get to the southern tip of South America without dedicating a fair amount of time and money to the airline industry.

Not only that, but Easter Island is really remote!

I thought at first it was a few hours off the coast. But no, it’s a six hour flight from Santiago. It’s as far from the mainland and as Portland is from Hawaii. However, I had to ask myself, exactly when am I’m going to have a convenient trip to Easter Island? I better just bite the bullet and go.

Go big or go home

So, in summary, this is trip; 20,000 miles in two weeks that will involve a hefty amount of flying. It’s intensified slightly by the fact that I booked almost every ticket with airlines miles so the return flight will bring me to Ontario, Canada before returning me to the US but I didn’t want to add that to the map because it’s a rather painful reality. I saved $1300 and added an extra 5 hours of flight time.

I can do this. Yes, yes I can.

Now that all the inconveniences are paid for and planned, the amazing thing is, I’m going to be on the southern tip of South America! It’s the furthest south I’ve ever been! I’m going to hike in Patagonia! I’m going to Easter Island! Can you believe that? I’m still shocked.

Every time I plan a new trip it’s almost like I have to pinch myself to believe it. I think, “You mean, I’m going there?! Me? How did that happen?!” Well what do you know, it turns out to be pretty possible but for some reason it always feels like a small miracle that I can get on a plane and be on the opposite end of the world by the next day. This time it’s with the same group that went to Africa last year. They’re already in Santiago and I’m the last one to join.

So, here I go again on a trip of 20,000 miles.


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