10 Weird Norwegian Foods + VIDEO

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10 Weird Norwegian Foods + VIDEO | A Map to Anywhere

10 Weird Norwegian Foods We Found in the Grocery Store

I like Norway, but their food is a little…. Well, weird.

When it costs $60 to go out to lunch, you can imagine you spend a lot of time in grocery stores and cooking for yourself.  

In that time, I have collected an assortment of strange Norwegian foods ranging from the delightful to the disgusting. One looked like pee, one was most likely manufactured in Satan’s candy factory and one Karl (A NATIVE NORWEGIAN) spat out.

I’d like to point out that I didn’t spit out any of them, no matter how much they tasted liked cat food.

Below is a list of what we ate in the video, along with a brief description. If available on Amazon, I’m including a link. This is for the awesome Norwegian-themed party you are no doubt, planning to host.

Please enjoy!

10 Weird Norwegian Foods

1. Vanilla Saus

Weird Norwegian Foods
Vanilla Sauce

The lighter, vanilla version of Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce. By far the Miss Congeniality of the group, this one is the best and if you are to decide to adopt a Norwegian staple, this is the one I recommend.

2. Lefsegodt

norwegian foods lefse
Packaged lefse with butter, sugar and cinnamon filling.

This was like the Norwegian version of cinnamon toast. The lease was light and fluffy and the buttery, sugary filling was awesome. I doubt it comes in a low carb version, but it would be awesome with a good cup of coffee.

3. Eventyr Brus

Norwegian foods soda
The Norwegian version of Fanta

AKA the Norwegian version of Fanta. This had a weird flavor, not distinctly fake grape or cherry or strawberry, just a general fake fruit flavor. My favorite thing about it was the fairy tale label.

4. Sana-Sol

sana-sol norwegian foods

Drinkable vitamins for kids. Kinda gross but you know, it’s vitamins, what do you expect?

5. Skipper Låkrisbater

Weird Norwegian Food
The candy preferred by the devil.

Gross, disgusting, horrible, an atrocity among candies. I thought we did away with licorice as a candy back when molasses stopped being desirable? Not in Norway. This is the one food I truly hate and I do not wish it upon you, your family, or your mailman.

6. Fløtemysost

norwegian foods
Norwegian brown cheese that taste like peanut butter.

Norwegian brown cheese that tastes like peanut butter. I like this stuff! I have brought some home for my family on my previous two trips to Norway and always find they re-gift it back to me. It’s possible it’s not for everyone. If you want to try some Norwegian food though, this is staple that you need to experience.

7. Fiskeboller

Norwegian foods
A fishy marshmallow.

Fish balls but in the way that they fish meatballs, not fish testicles. Please do not confuse the two. Or as Karl referred them, “Like a fish marshmallow.” These were like if they made imitation krab into a meatball shape. I liked them.

8. Leverpostei

Norwegian Foods
The closest you may ever come to feeding your child cat food.

The closest we may ever come to marketing cat food to your kids! These were liver pate for children. I feel like it was what a cat food that you couldn’t get out of your mouth would be like.

9. Surslid

norwegian foods
The harmonious mating of a fish and a pickle.

This is pickled herring. Who would have though pickled fish could be so good? The bones weren’t something I liked, but the rest was! Especially if you had it on a cracker with some cream cheese it would be awesome.

10. Joika

Norwegian foods
Why Rudolf is no longer available to work Christmas.

Reindeer meatballs taste just like…. every other kind of meatball. I’m still not sure why Karl thought this was so bad he spit it out. I would eat these again, but heated next time. I would still feel bad about the Rudolf thing though…

Weird Norwegian Foods to Try

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