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Hi I'm Rachel

Hi, I'm Rachel. I write the stories. Sorry if I threw up in your cab.

You know how you see all these pictures online of people traveling the world and looking tan and you start to think, “Who the hell are these people and why do they get to do this while I’m stuck working?”.

Or worse yet, maybe you’ve seen the blog posts online, “Get Paid to Travel the World” and again, you think, “What the hell?”

Well, I’ve done it. And it isn’t like the pictures or the headlines. The thing they don’t tell you is no one paves the road less traveled.

But there is a road and I would say (almost) any day, it’s worth taking.

Want to spend a month at a yoga retreat? Want to go on safari in Africa? How about going into an Egyptian pyramid alone? All those are possible and all are within your reach. Trust me, people do it every freaking day. People who are probably less smart and also less financially responsible than you.

Over the last 5 years I’ve travelled around the world multiple times, having strange and wonderful experiences and figuring out how to make a living.

On this website, I tell the weird and honest story of my own travels.

I want to help you to do it too. But I’ll be about honest the journey, the costs, and whether or not the destinations are all that they look like on Instagram.

You can do this. For real. But we’re gonna get you prepared.

Real Travel Coaching

What My Wonderful Clients have to say

  • Rachel has been an incredible source of travel knowledge and inspiration. I remember feeling lost and had the desire to plan an Australian expat escape. She immediately knew who to connect me with - someone who had done exactly this and who was able to help answer many of my questions... She is definitely a reliable source of insider travel information. If you follow her advice, you will not be disappointed.

    Zach 29, Portland, OR
  • If you haven’t thought about contacting Rachel to help with any travel advice; I’d highly suggest it. Her prices for a short consultation were well worth it as it saved me hours of research online and she was able to help me to prioritize some of the things I should do or places to visit with my limited vacation time. I’m headed to Japan in a year and I planned to reach out to Rachel again so that she might help me make the most of that trip too

    James 35, Portland, OR


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