Great Britain as My Weakness

Everyone has a weakness, wether it’s Macklemore dancing or macaroons or hard alcohol or accordion players, we all have one and Great Britain may be mine.

I love the accents, I love drinking tea, I love the quaint traditions.  When I wanted to travel, this was the first place I wanted to go.

There is always a risk with taking a vacation that you’ve dreamed about for years.  Because once you arrive, often people are disappointed with their destination being just an ordinary place in the world with all the problems of any other location.  I did not feel this way with Great Britain; not the first time or the second time or the third time I went there.

I mean, you can take a double decker bus all over the city.  You can get wifi in the phone booths.  You can walk down the roads that Eliza Doolittle (the hapless gutter snipe) talks about in My Fair Lady.  You can literally go to King’s Cross Station only to discover there is no Platform 9 3/4.  What’s not to like?

So time after time, I find myself here.  As someone who travels, London will always eventually cross your path as a major transportation hub.  I’ll take any excuse I can to stay a few extra hours in the city, even if it’s only to see Big Ben for the 5th time or have a cup of tea in a pub with some sticky toffee pudding.  I will return to my true love and weakness and it will be there waiting to welcome me back.

London 2014