The Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge Cabaret, Paris

If you love the movie Moulin Rouge, this may be something you have to do when you’re in Paris.  If nothing else, just so you can say you’re going to waste your time in Paris at the Moulin Rouge with a can-can dancer.

This was one of my must-do’s while in Paris.  It’s not a cheap event, tickets run around $100, but it is a really fun night out on the city at a cabaret. It’s important to spend some time in Paris in a Cabaret and this is the one to go to.  You get to get all dressed up and drink champagne for a night out.  The show is a great cabaret with elaborate costumes and is set in a beautiful theatre.  It’s more than your typical cabaret, it borders on bawdy and acrobatic while being  completely fun and entertaining.

I would suggest that you go early and explore the neighborhood of the theatre.  It’s in the red light district and is full of adult shops but I suggest bar hopping if you want to grab a glass of champagne or wine before the show.   Find a good place to get dinner before-hand but don’t bother eating at the Moulin Rogue itself, there are so many incredible restaurants in Paris that you can find something much better outside the theatre.