Is this even the same country?!

Other travelers I met said, “you have to go to Sucre, it’s the antidote to La Paz.” Now that I’m here I understand.

Getting off the bus in Sucre was like landing back in Spain. There are beautiful whitewashed buildings and the ornate Spanish architecture. The streets are lined with quaint little cafés serving espresso and pastries as well as dozens of chocolate shops. It does not resemble La Paz in looks or in attitude. The harried and fraught energy of La Paz is not to be found here. In its place there is the same relaxed, slow paced attitude of the people in Spain which seems to encourage lounging around and eating ice cream so that’s what I’m doing.


Most of the people at my hostel are here to learn Spanish.  There are several Spanish schools in Sucre and it’s one of the cheapest places to study in South America.  I took a vacation from long haul bus rides for a few days here and enjoyed some sunshine and the beautiful city center.