Riad Renovation in Morocco

Sometimes, when traveling, I find myself in unexpected places. One day in Morocco, Marybeth and I ended up at construction site.

It had begun at our riad that morning. The owner had introduced himself, then proceeded to plan our day for us and insist on activities he found most fitting. These mostly included spending the day with the owner himself. He asked us if we would like to go to the crafts bazaar with him. He mentioned he would need to stop by his palace, well, one of his palaces… It was a building he was renovating .

We had planned on shopping in the souks but it sounded like a nice detour so we agreed.

As we walked out the door, he swung on his leather jacket and deposited his sunglasses smartly on top of his head. I supposed if there was a speech bubble above his head it would have said, “so fab.” He was the type of person that dominated the conversation. It was punctuated with heavily emphasized advice and proclamations. I found this entertaining.

“You must buy for quality – always!”

“We have a saying here in Morocco. We are poorer to get them cheaper!”

“Last year I make $465,000 in profits. This is nothing. This is peanuts to me.”

He explained the handicrafts market and his career in historical restoration as we zoomed around the city in a maroon Mercedes.

According to this man, he owned 5 riads in Morocco which he called his palaces.  His palace, well, one of his palaces, was being renovated into a guest house and library. A palace library?  I thought it was brilliant, especially when he said there would also be guest rooms there. A palace-library-hotel was even better.

As it turned out, he knew what he was talking about when it came to renovating palaces.

The work we saw at the riad renovation was fascinating to me. I tried to explain it in a post but you really just need to see it. I apologize for the poor quality but I didn’t originally intend to do a video. I had actually intended to go shopping…