Puerto Vallarta

On the road again! I can’t believe how excited I am. You’d think it’d wear off but I’m as thrilled as the day I left for Bolivia. Thanks to still packing light I was able to skip the check-in line and get through security in 20 minutes. It’ll be my first time in Mexico and the 25th country visited.

It’s sunny and warm in Puerto Vallarta. I’m remembering some long forgotten Spanish and eating breakfast across from my hostel.

The hostel is trashy and my shower was cold but it has great restaurants nearby and the owner introduced me to everyone there when I arrived. This makes a huge difference in how much I enjoy a place because it’s really the people that make a place. Within an hour we were all making dinner plans and deciding where to go dancing.

So, my feet may be sore today but it was a great night. I think I’ll take it easy on the beach today until New Year’s Eve tonight.  Basically, in a resort city like this, I think that’s the best course of action.  Enjoy the festivities and tourist activities and then get out of town to see something different.

Crowds gathering before the countdown to 2016 begins

I went out with people from the hostel and we ended up meeting up with a bunch of Canadians. They should have traveled by bus, there were so many of them.

All in all it was a good New Years but at the same time difficult. I called it a night after the countdown and went back to think on the past year. It’s been a tough one and I miss Molly.

Here’s to 2016, new experiences, new memories and putting one foot in front of the other one.