Heading to Puerto Natales – I am an incredibly graceful traveler.

Today was a day of taxis, planes and busses to get from Santiago to Puerto Natales in the South of Chile.

A funny thing happened on the way to the airport at 6:00 AM, I was sitting in the back seat of a taxi, in the middle between two of my fellow travelers because the car was full. One minute I felt queasy and about a second later I threw up.

Right where I was.

There was no warning, not for me or those sitting next to me.

It was like being a little kid again in the worst way and just projectile vomiting uncontrollably. I was actually going for more of an elegant approach to life that morning and it just didn’t pan out. You know, hoping to be a graceful, well-traveled woman and all.


Anyway, the rest of the day was fairly good. I slept on the train, on the bus and spilled some coffee on myself too but I can’t say it really impacted my day.  Maybe this is just what happens when you sleep on a plane, hit the ground running and only sorta sleep in a bed for a few hours before going again.

I just wish my travel companions would stop taking pictures of me sleeping.  I realize that it’s funny that the past few days I have fallen asleep every time I’m sitting still.  However, I’m not particularly cute in any of these pictures.  I look more like I passed out drunk in a cab than I sleepily decided to take an adorable nap.

But we have arrived in Puerto Natales.

Everything here is really beautiful and definitely a unique side of South America. It actually reminds me a lot of Alaska with the low scrub brush and cold plains below the mountains but with a distinctly South American attitude.


Puerto Natales, Chile