I’m on my first podcast!

A Map to Anywhere on All Around Adventure

I’m so excited! Today my first podcast interview came out!

Check it out, it’s the All Around Adventure Podcast with Josh Guerrero, the link is here.

In it, we talk about our similarities. Both of us are from small towns, the second of four children, and we both dreamed of traveling to London one day when we were younger.

We also talk about fulfillment, fear, and how to take the leap to travel. It’s surprising but fear holds people back as often as money. We talk about letting go of the life we have to pursue the life we want.

This is a great conversation and one that most travel blogs don’t address. Maybe because it’s difficult to admit leaving home is hard or that travel can be a really challenging endeavor.  It’s a dose of reality and definitely worth a listen.

Tune in!

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