Out and About Beyond London

The cheapest way to fly home from India turned out to include a stopover in London.  I expanded it to a few days because I can’t resist a few days in this city.  This time though, I did things a little different and took a bunch of day trips.

The last time I was in London, it was my first time traveling and I didn’t realize how much you can see right outside the city.

But first, English breakfast. This is about as sharp of a contrast in food as you can get after a few weeks in India where everyone is a vegetarian.

Yep, London is still amazing. Some places just draw you more than others. I love it here.

I took a bus to Canterbury and we had to all be back at the bus by 4:15. One couple showed up at 4:22 and the Scottish guide was not happy. She told them they were lucky we waited and they needed to apologize to the everyone who had to wait. This seems hilarious after Nepal and India where two hours late is normal. In case you’re wondering, I was on time and I side with the Scott.

I mean really, how can you not love it here?  This is Leed’s Castle.

Traveling in the fall is the best because you get comfortable weather and less crowds.  I get this view all to myself.

Stonehenge is just a bunch if rocks, like my sister Lacie said. But you know what? I kinda like rocks. It’s an impressive bunch of rocks.

Look how little the people are next to it.

I’ve hauled enough rocks around to appreciate that this is a big deal. But I guess for me, it kind of enforces a bigger lesson: sometimes you can’t make sense out of why people do things.

Speaking of cool rocks, how about the White Cliffs of Dover?  This is part of a day trip I took from London.  I had a geology professor in college who explained that the White Cliffs of Dover are white because they are made of thousands of years of accumulated seashells that used to be the ocean floor called cocolithophorida.  If this is not an intoxicating word, I’m not sure what is.