Koh Tao, No Tao

So long Koh Tao!

For some reason, Molly and I were out of step with Koh Tao. It was the third island on our list and the smallest as well. Mostly people come here for cheap diving and the beautiful beaches. After one day, we were ready to leave. I think it was a series of bad coincidences but here’s how it happened.

1. Several encounters with extremely angry and unfriendly locals including an irate scooter salesman who we had to pass on our way into town every day.  We accidentally made him really mad one day and he never forgave us.

2. An angry restaurant owner who sat down with us while we ate our meal to have a friendly conversation about how much he hates backpackers.  It was weird because he ran a burrito restaurant in Koh Tao which basically caters specifically to the backpacker crowd.  He also told us how much he hated locals too.

3. Having a broken air conditioner in our room.  This might not sound like the end of the world, but oh my god, it was so brutal to try to sleep.

4. Our hotel manager chasing us down on a motorbike.

5. Rain that started pouring the minute we tried to leave our room.

6. The final straw…extremely disappointing green tea.

On an interesting note, we did literally see a girl walking down the street with no pants.  She was a tourist and her butt was just hanging out and she didn’t care.  I tried to get a picture but pantsless people walk fast.

There was also a baby who mysteriously was replaced by fried chicken a food cart.

Baby – the other, other white meat.