January 1st, 2016 – I Missed My Big Chance

View from the hostel

There aren’t many holidays that hold a lot of meaning for me, but New Years does. It’s one time I want to reflect on the past year and make some decisions for the next. I think it’s really important to decide what your next steps should be. I generally don’t like to drink too much or be hungover the next day.

That’s why I got up early this morning to watch the sunrise on the new year. I left my hostel dorm and started climbing the steps to the roof when I heard a man say, “Is that you Rachelle?”

“Um, yes.”

The hostel owner Marco was laying on a bare mattress in an empty room with the window open.

“Rachelle, you can come sleep here.”

He patted the bed beside himself. I guessed he was still drunk from the night before but with Latin men it’s hard to tell since they are shamelessly flirtatious and rival only the Italians in their tireless pursuits.

“Haha, no Marco.”

“Really, no Rachelle?” said Marco disappointed.

“No Marco.”

“Ok, well, try not to think of me too much today and make yourself sad.”

“I’ll try.”

Step one for 2016, try not to be too sad I missed my big chance with Marco.