Italy with My Mom!


My mom at the Portland Airpor

My mom inspired me to travel in the first place.  She is an avid reader and has always encouraged us to see the world.  Yet, we have never traveled together.  So this year, we went to Italy!

I planned the trip.  It’s always a little hard when you’re planning for someone else because you really want them to have a good time and if you screw it up, it’s all on you.  But my mom is easy-going and was so excited to go and rolled with any situation so well I really didn’t need to worry.

Also, I think Italy is a great place to take someone who hasn’t traveled a ton.  It’s just hard to have a bad time in Italy.  The food is great.  The coffee is amazing.  The country is beautiful.  The men are handsome.  Yes, Italy is perfect.

Half of these pictures are my mom making fun of me

We started out in Rome for a few days at an AirBnB.  Wow, this was the way to go.  We were right off the Piazza del Popolo which is the most fun piazza name to say that I have ever heard.  It’s also near the Borghese Gardens which are so great to walk through, especially in the fall.  And lastly, it’s Rome!  Out of everywhere I’ve been, I still think Rome is the grandest city in the world.

I did something in Rome that I’ve never done before but that I also refuse to be shamed for…. I bought a selfie stick.  We were on our way to the Colosseum and I wanted some good pictures of me and my mom in front of it.  I absolutely wanted to remember this day.  My mom hates having her picture taken too so getting a rare photo in front of the Colosseum was very important.  We needed to remember it!  Look these pictures!  I have no regrets.

We then went to a hill town in Tuscany called Oriveto for a few days.  It’s such a cool place!  It’s on the top of this hill and you need to take a funicular car to the top.  I think Oriveto was both me and my mom’s favorite place.  Keep in mind, it was November and it was pretty cold in the windy hilltop but this town is so cute and so fun.  We both agreed if we went back we’d just stay there for a week. It also has a very cool cathedral that is black and white and looks like Richard Burton designed it.

We ended the trip with a few days in Florence and a day trip to Venice.

Venice in November is, of course, cold.  But it was my first time there and I totally loved it.

The last day we did a cooking class in Florence.  This was so fun!  We took a shuttle out to this beautiful old house in he hills outside Florence and spent the day cooking bruschetta, spaghetti, pizza, tiramisu and drinking wine.  My mom is a great cook and has been homemaking noodles for her chicken noodle soup for years so when it came to making pasta she pretty much schooled everyone in class.

Master chef