I Learn to Vacation in Cabo… How does this work?

I am learning how to vacation!  Vacations are always something I see other people do.  While my time off is normally spent sleeping on trains and haggling in dusty markets, some people are drinking on the beach.  This year, I’m learning how to do nothing.  There are reasons for this.

Work has been incredibly stressful.  I’ve been working a lot of weekends and my side projects are making it feel like I’m working in the evenings as well.  Then, there was the trip to Chile in which I traveled over 20,000 miles in two weeks.  I realized then that vacationing may be something of interest.

What would it be like to lay on a beach and drink some coconut concoction?  I don’t know, it sounds kinda boring but a winter in Portland makes me long for the sun so much I’m willing to give it a try.  I feel like Gollum climbing out of the mines of Moria, all pale and skittish in the daylight.

Molly and I tried laying on the beach in Thailand.  We couldn’t figure it out.  You go swim, you go lay on your towel.  Is that it?  Was that what you are supposed to do at the beach?

My friend Mylie and I wanted to go somewhere over the 4th of July but neither one of us was up for a long flight.  So, we used our mileage awards and booked a ticket to Cabo San Lucas.

For me, it’s always a little weird going to the resort side of a country because it’s so different from other perspectives you can get.  My first night in Cabo, I was there alone so I booked one of the cheaper hotels in Cabo.  It was me and some Mexican families.  The road noise rattled the windows and it was hot.  The continental breakfast was unimpressive so I found a local bakery instead.

I chose to walk to the local bus stop rather than take a cab to meet Mylie, just barely getting by with my rudimentary knowledge of Spanish and heavy backpack.  I had to walk across gravel lots to get from one airport terminal to the next, I felt happy and free.

Fast forward to Mylie’s arrival and suddenly my style of travel changed.  Mylie doesn’t like walking and she also likes more creature comforts, so we stayed in style. Our resort was beautiful and we were incredibly lazy; laying in the sun and drinking most days.  This was perfect for Mylie, who likes to go hours without moving, but difficult for me because I’m not accustomed to it.

It reminded me of a time a few years ago when I told my little sister I wanted to go to a 10-day silent meditation retreat.  She asked what we do for 10 days and I told her we would pray and meditate and she asked if there were recliners and then told me she’d consider it if there were.  Otherwise, as far as she was concerned, it was just sitting uncomfortably for 10 days.

Then I got it, this is most people’s meditation retreat.  It’s just fueled by coconut/boozy drinks rather than vegan food and sitting on hard wood floors.

So for three days we meditated in relative silence between drinks.  Mylie diligently avoided getting a tan and I repeatedly failed at getting one. We managed to go out a few nights. I was surprised to see that Cabo has all the same bars as Puerto Vallarta.  Did you know this?  They are literally just all chains?  The cow themed one?  yeah, that’s in both places.

I think I figured out the vacationing thing.  I’m learning how to do nothing.  As for beaches?  Yes, they are lovely, but I may just be more of a mountain person.