Formal Dining in Japan

Our first meal in Japan – this was an experience in itself.  Who would have thought dining would be so different?

This is the locker my shoes were deposited in when we entered the restaurant. The little wooden tag with the #11 on it is my key.

The table was low and we sat on pillows on top of bamboo mats.

They closed the door and we were in a tiny bamboo dining cell.

We had a button to push if we needed service.

I learned quickly in Japan that if I wanted to eat food with texture, I needed to order tempura or something of that nature.  It’s very hard to get texture in the food.  It’s all squishy.

I absolutely love Japanese food, and try to search it out when I’m at home.  Notice next time you go out though, there’s no crunch.

This was the quietest restaurant I’d ever been in.  It was a bit like being put in a fort to eat your dinner and given only foods that you positively can chew with a minimal effort.

Maybe that’s why it’s so quiet.