Easter Island

This sign upon arrival was kind enough to show me the way home.

The last stop of this trip is three days in Easter Island.  Easter Island is surprisingly remote.  It’s six hours away from the mainland of Chile.  I was attempting to find a more cost-effective way of getting there but in this case, it just is what it is.  Apparently, it’s a common route for people going around the world to go to Easter Island and then Tahiti as they make their way across the Pacific.  That would be incredible.

I’ve always thought Easter Island was fascinating. The Polynesians were such unbelievable navigators and the mystery surrounding the island is intriguing as well.  When I was in 4th grade we each had to do a report on a different travel destination and I chose Easter Island.  I remember writing to a travel agency and asking them to send me any information they had on it.  I never received a response.  Looking back on it now, I doubt many travel agencies in Montana get frequent requests for Easter Island.

So, it’s again, a small miracle to me to see that I’m here now.  I’ve never really been on a small, remote island before.  The air is humid and warm.  There aren’t many roads and there is only one town.  It’s quiet and touristy but not so touristy it’s lost its own character.  Some people say all you need here is a day.  But to me, why only spend a day on a beautiful, remote island in the sunshine?