Drama in Paris

I’m not sure how or why my trip to Paris got so dramatic, but it was.  There typically isn’t a lot of drama surrounding my travels but then again, nowhere is quite like Paris.

I think I was holding in a sneeze

It started out with a flu that I got on arrival.  I’ll call this my “European Flu” because I get it every time I’m around Europeans for an extended period of time.  It typically lasts 6 relentless days.  So my friend Mylie and I arrived in Paris, sniffling and sleepy.  I took a nap to rest up for the Moulin Rouge Cabaret that night while she went out to sight see.

We had an amazing night at the Moulin Rouge and after a few too many glasses of champagne, got into a fight on the dark streets of Paris.  The two us, generally calm girls were literally yelling at each other in streets!  From my recollection the argument started when I was talking to groups of other travelers (aka cute Russian boys) on the street and Mylie told me not to talk to people on the street.

This all makes perfect sense.

We came to an impasse, left the scene and both went home to the hostel on different trains.

We apologized.

It was dumb.

The next day we were both sick as we go to the Eiffel Tower and we spent the day walking through the leaves in the park and admiring Paris between stops at the pharmacy and grocery stores for medicine and spicy foods to clear our sinuses.

This isn’t exactly the glamorous Paris trip we had planned but it was fun and there was a certain solidarity in both of us being sick together.  As we muddled our way through the rest of the city we found beautiful bakeries and amazing food along the way.

The great thing about Paris is, you don’t really need to seek out the best restaurants, you can chance it and find them in any neighborhood.  We also found people in Paris to be surprisingly friendly.  I don’t know if we were just lucky but everyone we met was helpful and polite.

Where was he when we needed him?

We were only staying for a short time because we wanted to get to Barcelona for the Barcelona vs. Madrid game.  Can you imagine all those angry Spanish fans?  Spectacular. Nothing could be more fun.  We even had met some people in Italy who had a place for us to stay in Barcelona.

However, as we made our way to the airport after several days of being stuck inside with the flu, we got separated.  Mylie packs as though she is traveling for 10 years and there will be no shampoo in the destination.  I pack light.  So when Mylie got into the last remaining square foot of space on the subway car, there wasn’t any room for me.  I told her I’d see her at the next stop.  When I got to the next stop, Mylie was there with her gigantic suitcase but her backpack and passport were gone.

Apparently, it is not unusual to find that in busy subways, your backpack straps can get cut and you don’t notice your bag is gone until the car empties out and you notice there is no weight on your shoulders.  The rest of the evening was spent trying to find if there was anything in the train station lost and found and wondering where we would stay that night.

I decided to miss my flight as well so Mylie wouldn’t be stranded in Paris alone without a passport.  We ended up spending the next 3 days in Paris wearing hotel bathrobes, watching bad tv and being sick.  But we were in it together and that was kind of awesome.  We still laugh about yelling at each other in the street and the lack of overall romance in our Paris excursion but that’s how travel happens sometimes.

We’ll always have Paris.