Doughnut Scam in Hanoi

In the past few days, I’ve learned that these women carrying baskets are to be avoided at all costs if the baskets contain doughnuts. They are the pushiest doughnut sales ladies you will ever see in your life! They target tourists and by the time you are done saying, “no doughnuts, no thank you!” They have loaded up a bag of doughnuts and are trying to bargain on the price.

I got duped into buying some almost as soon as I walked down the street. The next day, I was hanging around with some American girls who had the same thing happen. The exchange rate is so bizarre here that the cost gets confusing and the doughnut pushers will try to charge you as much as a dozen doughnuts would cost in the states.

And the doughnuts? Well, it would be one thing if they were like Krispy Kreme but unfortunately, they are just normal doughnuts.