Costs to Travel in Bolivia

The Cost of 10 Days in Bolivia

So far, the daily cost of traveling around Bolivia has remained under $50 US Dollars per day. I’ve been able to get by really comfortably without a lot of concern for my daily spending. I’ve even splurged a few nights and gotten a room to myself when the dorms lose their appeal. Here’s a breakdown of the costs of the first 10 days.

– Hostel dorms (6 nights): $53.57
– Single rooms (3 nights): $37.65
– Overnight bus (1 night): $16.22
Accommodation Total: $107.44

Food: $105.22
I eat out for every meal because most of the hostels I’ve stayed at don’t have communal kitchens.

Tours: $153.20
So far I have taken three tours and found them all to have been worth the money even the mine which I didn’t go into (that was the cheapest tour) but buying dynamite was an added bonus.

Transportation: $31.13
This includes busses and Taxis

Supplies: $17.82

Souvenirs: $21.28

10 day total: $436.09

Daily average: $43.61

Bolivia entry visa: $135

Total for Bolivia: $571.09

Up till now, the cost has been pretty low. Going to the jungle this weekend is going to be expensive so it’ll be good to see if it all evens out.


Cost per Day

Bolivia is really amazingly cheap to visit. So far my average costs here have been under $50 US dollars per day and that includes days I have taken busses, expensive tours, and bought a SIM card for my phone.

Below is what an average day wandering around in La Paz costs in US dollars:

Hostel costs per night: $9.42 for a 4 girl dorm room

Breakfast, lunch, dinner: between $2-5 each

Costs of my first day in Bolivia:

Cab from airport: $10.13
Breakfast: $2.17
Bottled water: $0.87 (do not drink tap water!)
Lunch: $2.89
City tour: free through hostel
Tour guide tip: $2.89
Dinner: $3.62
Beer(1): $3.18
Hostel room: $9.42

Total: $35.17