The first view of Caye Caulker

I crossed the border this morning. There were no fees, no questions and no baggage checks. I’m staying for four amazing nights on the island of Caye Caulker.

There is nothing to do here besides snorkel, drink and lay on the beach. It feels like heaven.  I know when I go home to my new job I will need to be ready to really work hard for a while.  After the last year and losing Molly, I feel like I need to catch my breath for a while.  Four days in the sun and the water should help.

This is the main drag. This island is tiny. It takes 20 minutes to walk across. There are 3 main streets that all run parallel; Front Street, Middle Street and Back Street. I’m staying on Back Street. It’s quiet. Front street is the touristy area. Middle street is a mixture. You can’t really cruise it though because there are no cars here, just golf carts and bicycles. Luckily, if I get too tired a piña colada is only a few steps away.

Caye Caulker

This is the view from my AirBnB. I totally blew my $50/day budget and booked this place for the last 3 nights. This is great after so many nights in hostels the last two weeks. It’s incredibly clean, quiet, has its own kitchen and a huge bathroom; there’s even hot showers!

Best of all, I can lay in bed and look out at the ocean… Or I can go down to the Lazy Lizard every afternoon and hang out with all the other backpackers.  It’s a great little bar on the edge of the island and is really fun for a few drinks and watching the sunset.

Basically, that is life in Belize.  I get up, read, go to the beach around noon for whatever they caught and do whatever I want until sunset when I go to the Lazy Lizard.  It’s weird for me since my travels are usually so busy but it’s really nice for a change.  I honestly think that’s what Belize is most geared towards anyway.  This island is two miles long and even on the mainland, I don’t think there’s a big pull to try to do too much at once.

Even with me being the only one in my AirBnB, I’m pretty sure I spent less than $100/day.

Well, that was the last boat in Belize for me. I’m headed to the airport and back to normal life today.

Belize was…quiet. I honestly didn’t see much beyond Caye Caulker but this island is so relaxed I couldn’t think of a good reason to leave. In fact, even right now, gainful employment is the only one I can come up with, although I’m pretty sure it’s going to severely cut Ito the time I can spend reading.