Bad luck in Nepal…

I am unfortunately, on what is known as a good run of bad luck. Nepal happens to be my favorite country of all so far, but it is not loving me back. It is dirt cheap, but try telling my bank account that. It seems like I lose money around every corner here which is hard to figure out since a hostel is $13 per night and a good meal is about $5. Here is what is going wrong:

-I got scammed on my trek.
-Indian embassy denied visa until Monday. This has caused me to have to cancel yoga in Rishikesh and rebook my flight.
-Because the Indian Embassy closed for 6 days for Dashain and is slow with my visa, I’m going to be violating my Nepal visa by overstaying.
-My hostel gave me the worst room in the building which smelled like gasoline, had no windows, and seemed to reverberate every sound coming from the shared bathroom. The third time the power went out and I found myself showering in the dark I finally got mad and booked a different place at a hefty $35 per night.

Sometimes, I think you have to just quit fighting a place. Maybe it’s just best to roll with it or maybe I should take up the spa offerings of aura cleansing. I don’t know. All I know is, bad luck is getting expensive.